Mission Statement

At HDCLASSICALMUSIC.COM we believe that the world’s classical music is a heritage of humanity and therefore everyone should have free and easy access to it. This is such a commonsensical idea that most people would not only immediately agree that this should be the case, but also would, in fact, assume that it already indeed is. For the moment, however, there is a practical gap between how things are and how they should be.

There is not a single place on the internet where you can download free and legally a wide selection of classical music. Provided you have a constant connection to the internet, there are services such as Youtube, Spotify or Last.fm where you can stream classical music, but only in quality up to 320 kbps, in lossy codecs such as mp3. The music they offer is of mediocre audio quality, copyrighted, and you cannot download it and use it in your own creative projects.

People intuitively feel that classical music is our common heritage, and should therefore be available to us all to enjoy and use. Thus they have banded together in crowdfunded projects such as Musopen, to record and release classical music for free in the public domain. Institutions such as The Isabella Gardner Stewart Museum and individuals such as Jon Sayles have also joined the movement by releasing their music under open copyright licenses such as creative commons.

We commend these first steps to free classical music, but we believe this is not enough for a number of reasons:

- There is still a language barrier, the music from these projects can only be found by English speakers.
- They only cover Western classical music.
- Projects such as Musopen impose artificial barriers, requiring users to make accounts before they download music, and to donate in order to download lossless files.
- Their websites are not easy to use and do not provide a seamless experience.
- Their classical music pieces are divided and hidden away in different corners of the internet.
- These projects are not making use of the open copyright nature of the classical music works they have created, by offering options that traditional corporate classical music websites do not (such as burning your own classical music Audio CDs for free).
- They do not provide a unique experience for each user, customized according to his personal tastes and preferences.

At HDCLASSICALMUSIC.COM, we want to create a platform that will address these issues and where open classical music projects (such as Musopen) can release their works. We intend to achieve this by focusing on three things:

1. Curate and centralize the best free classical music in one place. There should be one place where people can go and find their favorite classical music piece. We offer a guarantee of quality and place no limits upon the music. Users can download as many pieces as they wish, in mp3, flac or wave file quality.

2. Offer the music in every language. Copyrighted music is under a different legal copyright restriction for each country of the world, adding up to a total of over 100 different licenses worldwide. By using music offered under a copyleft license, we are able to offer it globally and legally. We intend to make use of this, by creating a local language version of our website and database for most of the languages in the world. Thus, people from every country, language and culture will be able to find our classical music, if they have access to the internet. We also intend to add non-Western classical music to our database, so that our website can become an even larger dialogue between cultures, making use of classical music’s unique ability to transcend culture and appeal to the better parts of our human nature.

3. Provide a seamless unique and customized user experience. We provide a way to easily find classical music works and discover new pieces and composers. You can create your own custom classical music audio CDs for free. We also intend to implement a personalized classical music radio. You select your favorite composers and how much new music you want to discover, and we automatically generate a radio uniquely designed for your taste. Of course, all of this in lossless CD audio quality.

In order to achieve all of this, we need your support!