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Support us

Help us make humanity’s classical music heritage available to everyone in the world for free! (see our mission statement)

  • We love working on the project regardless of any financial benefit, because we enjoy classical music and believe it is a matter of justice for everybody in the world to have access to it, not only the privileged few. Nevertheless, we need donations in order to pay for hosting costs, and also to enable us to spend more time working on the project and to hire additional people. You can support us financially, by donating to us through Paypal:

    You can also donate to us, by buying merchandise from our classical music shop:

    Of course it is also possible to donate through a bank transfer or other standard methods. If you are not sure how to donate or what the best donation method is, you can contact us for more details.

  • We need your help to translate the website into new languages and to improve the quality of existing translations! We implemented a system so that anybody can suggest a better translation for the website text. If you speak languages other than English, we would really appreciate your help in improving the translation quality into different versions. You can suggest a different translation by simply hovering your mouse on top of a piece of text for a few seconds, and then clicking the "Suggest a better translation" box that will appear. (This system is currently only working for website text translations, but we are working on implementing it for song titles and descriptions.)

    In order to translate the website into additional languages, we also need trustworthy people that can moderate and approve better translation suggestions. Please contact us if you would like to become a translation moderator!
  • We need more web developers, web designers, classical music connoisseurs, and anybody with experience in crowdbased and crowdfunded projects on our team! Send us an e-mail if you would like to join our team, and attach a CV and a short motivational letter detailing why you would like to join our project.
  • We need more classical music pieces in our library! If you are a music performer or an organization, we welcome any offer of collaboration.
  • You can also help us by simply sharing our website with your friends and other classical music lovers.

Our team

Dan Bărbulescu - founder

People who have worked on and supported the project:

Andrei Stroescu - helped publish hundreds of songs, market research, and helped start the project in general
Maria Androushko - crowdfunding video director, script writer, camera operator and editor, logo visual editor, mission statement
Lysan Boshuijzen and Madison Christ - both were very generous in helping out with the crowdfunding video on short notice

Our supporters

A huge thank you to people who have donated to us so far:

Sanford (Tucson AZ, US)
Lee C. (Maine, US)
Sylvius (Italy)
Dave Mann (Laurel, Maryland, US)
Grant Rowlands (Whangarei, New Zeeland)
Ion Paladi (Republic of Moldova)

And to the people who have helped us improve the translations:

Name Language Contributions
Gustavo LonngiSpanish~250 approved translations
OnlyClarinetMusicFrench166 approved translations
Alberto HerreraSpanish~144 approved translations
Barbara SCHEELGerman~105 approved translations
DanielSpanish63 approved translations
Kno TsaoChinese (Traditional)50 approved translations
GigiItalian36 approved translations
JeanFrench~33 approved translations
Dan BarbulescuGerman32 approved translations
Romanian13 approved translations
SpiderJimGerman26 approved translations
HARU SAIKorean20 approved translations
PepijnDutch18 approved translations
LuftmenschChinese (Simplified)12 approved translations
jagagaGerman4 approved translations
C. BlejerSpanish4 approved translations
CarlosSpanish4 approved translations
JoseSpanish3 approved translations
Elias GranadosSpanish2 approved translations
FrancescoItalian2 approved translations
MomoFrench1 approved translations
SteviolItalian1 approved translations
Johan LeendersDutch1 approved translations
Wander ÁlefPortugese1 approved translations
A.Filipino1 approved translations
AnonymousRomanian31 approved translations
German16 approved translations
Spanish12 approved translations
Italian10 approved translations
Russian9 approved translations
French7 approved translations
Chinese (Traditional)5 approved translations
Japanese3 approved translations
Polish2 approved translations
Chinese (Simplified)2 approved translations
Afrikaans1 approved translations
Bulgarian1 approved translations
Esperanto1 approved translations
Hungarian1 approved translations
Dutch1 approved translations
Thai1 approved translations

And a final big shoutout of gratitude to the 42 persons who have donated to us so far by buying merchandise from our classical music shop. We would like to also include your individual names in our public supporters list! Before we can do that though, in order to respect our your privacy, we would like to ask for your permission first. Thus, if you have bought an item from our classical music shop in the past, please send us a quick email confirming that we can add you to our public list of supporters.

We appreciate any feedback you have regarding our project! You can leave a comment below and you can be sure we will check it out: